Phoenix 180KV 2D/CT X-RAY SYSTEM

Waygate Technologies

The phoenix  microme|x neo and nanome|x neo provide high-resolution 2D X-ray  technology and 3D computed tomography( CT) scanning in one system,  enabling non-destructive testing (NDT) of electronic components 

Phoenix 180KV nanotom-m dedicated 3D/CT x-ray system

3-D X-Ray Computed Tomography

The phoenix nanotom® m is designed for scientific computed tomography and metrology. Fully automated execution of CT scan, reconstruction  and analysis process ensures  its ease of use and fast, reliable CT results.  

Phoenix v|tome|x-s 2D/CT x-ray system

Phoenix v|tome|x-s

This 2D+ CT scanner is ideally suited to meet inspection  challenges in the electronics, R&D, scientific, and automotive  industries.  3D scan size up to 260 mm Ø x 420 mm, max. 

400 mm Ø with optional offset|CT  

Phoenix 3D/CT 300KV X-RAY system

Phoenix v|tom|e x-m

 Our powerful industrial computer tomography (CT) system, designed for 3D  metrology and analysis, provides industry-leading magnification at 300  kV.  360 mm x 600 mm; up to 500 x 600 mm with limited travel range, max. 3D scan size up to 420 mm Ø x 400 mm